One of the hardest things to do as a business owner, is to keep yourself accountable.

After all, part of the allure of being a business owner is that you have no one to be responsible to.

You are the head honcho. You’re in full control.

But with that control, it requires self-discipline.

In 2015, I wrote on Reddit about our Day Spa. Long before I had any success with it. In fact, I had no idea where it was going to take me since the business was struggling.

And for some reason, putting it writing made me feel accountable. I almost felt like I owed the Reddit community an update.

So for the next 90 days, I wrote posts on Reddit updating the journey.

And in late 2016, when we were able to hire a business coach — it was very much the same. Every two weeks, we would meet. He would ask me what items I had accomplished to implement from the previous discussions.

Personally, I hate the feeling of having to say I fell short. So, that was my motivation to push harder & harder each & every week.

Let’s do a simple accountability thread. Put something in this post, something that you want to achieve. It can be something small, it can be a bigger dream. Maybe you want to get 3 reviews in the next 14 days on Google. Maybe you want to implement something with your phone scripts.

Remember — the most important part of the accountability thread is not whether it was a success or not — it’s simply to hold yourself accountable that you will work to achieve this!

So let’s hear it!

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